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There are several methods for galvanizing galvanized steel pipes

When we purchase galvanized steel pipes, we will find that there are certain differences in the prices of galvanized steel pipes in the market. What is the reason for this? Today, let's take a look together. How many methods are there for galvanizing galvanized steel pipes?

Electrogalvanizing: Although this method is relatively fast, the zinc adhesion on the surface of the pipeline is insufficient and has poor durability, which affects the service life of the galvanized steel pipe, with a service life of five years.

Hot dip galvanizing: This method is relatively expensive, but it is the most durable and can also increase the service life, which is ten years.

Thermal diffusion coating: processed by machine, under the action of a thermal centrifuge, a protective layer is formed, which has good and problematic effects. This can control the service life of galvanized steel pipes to about fifteen years.

Using different methods during production can have a certain impact on the product. Of course, due to the different technologies used, the prices also vary. We must inquire clearly when purchasing.