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How to choose seamless steel pipes and galvanized steel pipes

Many people do not know how to choose and which product is suitable for them when purchasing pipes? In fact, before purchasing, we need to have a certain understanding of the product and then choose a product that suits us, so that the use effect is good. For example, seamless steel pipes and galvanized steel pipes, how should we choose? Today, let's learn about how to choose between seamless steel pipes and galvanized steel pipes?

Manufacturing process differences:

Galvanized steel pipes and seamless steel pipes are two categories of steel pipes. Galvanization refers to the surface of the steel pipe being galvanized, which may be a seamless pipe. Seamless refers to the manufacturing process of the steel pipe. Galvanized pipes are more corrosion-resistant, and seamless pipes can withstand higher pressures.

Galvanized steel pipes are less prone to rusting due to their zinc protection. Galvanized steel pipes are lighter than seamless steel pipes. If used for balconies, galvanized steel pipes are not suitable as seamless steel pipes have thicker walls and heavier weight, and the cost of seamless steel pipes is higher than that of galvanized steel pipes. But seamless steel pipes have strong endurance, good quality, and are sturdy to use!

Usage difference:

Galvanized steel pipes are generally used for fences, fences, and guardrails, and are widely used in schools, factories, etc.

Seamless steel pipes are generally used for industrial purposes such as petrochemical and mechanical manufacturing.