Material pipe

Material pipe

Linyi Fuyou animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Linyi Fuyou metal productsCo., Ltd., was established in 2014.The main business is processing and sales: high frequency welded pipe, material tower and accessories, corner, plug plate chain, stainless steel products, animal husbandrymachinery accessories; Sales: steel strip, steel pipe, products and chains. The main products are all kinds of stainless steel product...
Product Introduction

This product is formed by high-frequency welding, and its ovality can reach 0-0.05mm. The outer diametertolerance of dimensional accuracy can be controlled to ±0.05mm, and the straightness of the steel pipe is0.1mm/m.This product adopts bright and high-quality strip steel, and can be processed by rolling, flanging, reducing, expanding, deburring, and other processing techniques after forming.Our company can customize pipesof various hardness, materials, and cross-sectional sizes according to user needs.

All materials are made of rolled plates of Shougang and Yehui steel plants, with zinc content of 275g/ m2.

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