Linyi Fuyou animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Linyi Fuyou metal productsCo., Ltd., was established in 2014.The main business is processing and sales: high frequency welded pipe, material tower and accessories, corner, plug plate chain, stainless steel products, animal husbandrymachinery accessories; Sales: steel strip, steel pipe, products and chains. The main products are all kinds of stainless steel product...
Product Introduction

Advanced numerical control equipment isadopted to ensure the advantages of small data errorand high precision, and the product stability can reachthe international standard.The plate is made of specialoutdoor galvanized sheet, which has the advantagesof strong anti-corrosion performance and long servicelife.The process adopts international advancedtechnology and unique angle design to make theblanking more smooth.


Product features

  1. Double section ladder is more convenient forinstallation.

  2. Corruated plate laminating can effectively avoidscratching during production and insrallation.

  3. The cone adopts pressure folding to increase the overall strength and sealing.

  4. Double layer anti seepage seal,bolt hole equippedwith waterproof gasker.

  5. The diagonal brace adopts bending technology, which isconvenient for construction, improves safety and increasessupport strength.

Feature display


Tower parameters




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