Assembled Steel silo

Assmbly steel warehouse

Linyi Fuyou animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Linyi Fuyou metal productsCo., Ltd., was established in 2014.The main business is processing and sales: high frequency welded pipe, material tower and accessories, corner, plug plate chain, stainless steel products, animal husbandrymachinery accessories; Sales: steel strip, steel pipe, products and chains. The main products are all kinds of stainless steel product...
Product Introduction

1. Light weight

lt is 1 / 4-1 / 5 of the weight of the concretewarehouse with the same capacity.

2.Mould production

According to the same standard mold productionin the factory, the degree of standardization is high.

3.Good interchangeability

The warehouse body is all assembled with

high-strength bolts,which can achieve interchangeability.

4.Large capacity range

lt can be made from 5t-16000t single bin capac-ity type steel plate bin.

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